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£20,000 raised for Smile Charity

Posted on Dec 13, 2010.

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A massive £20,000 was raised by some of Hull's Top Business men and women - Gosschalks, Lloyds TSB, KCFM, Eskimo Soup, Wansbeck Dental Practice, Hull KR's Rufus the Robin and more - alongside our very own Martin Lauer spent the day behind bars only getting released upon successful achievement of raising bail.

Martin Lauer said; "The day was a real eye opener.  It is not all Nintendo and PlayStations like you read in the media - the conditions are very basic - don't get me wrong, they should be - but I did expect it to be more comfortable than it was.  It is great to have raised such a significant amount for the KCFM Smile Foundation."

The One Point became a founding partner of the KCFM Smile Foundation from its launch in April 2009, since the launch The One Point and the charities other partners have supported the work of the charity to deliver its giving a voice and building a foundation project which supports voluntary and community organisations in East Yorkshire.

In 2010 its support has been focused on Downright Special a charity which assists families in the care of a child with Down Syndrome and House of Light which provides vital support to mums with post natal depression and their families. 



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