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Benefit from Call2Teams with The One Point

Posted on Jul 24, 2020.

"Call2Teams brings Microsoft Teams to life."

New Features which Broadens Microsoft Teams integrations to empower users to be more productive.

Enable Calls In Microsoft Teams using your existing 'The One Point' phone system.

Call2Teams is a simple add-on that connects Microsoft Teams to any HPBX phone system in minutes allowing making and receiving calls on any device using the Microsoft Teams App.

Find out more with our Call2Teams brochure, click the image below:

Call2Teams with The One Point

To list some of the benefits of this most recent update:

- Call controls

- Interactive Voice Responsive (IVR)

- Call handling

- Call queues

- Open Platform

- Global Coverage

- Service Level Agreements (SLA)

-  Security Certifications and Compliance

- Native call recording

- Analytics and Call Reports

If you need help and support enabling your business to 'Work from Anywhere' then Microsoft teams is one of our remote worker solutions.

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