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Get more from dynamic working with The One Point

Posted on Jul 29, 2021.

Do you want to know how your business can make the most of the new era of hybrid working?

Our free no-obligation digital consultation alongside O2 is a good starting point. Together, we'll get to know your business and provide customised recommendations to support your business goals. We'll also show you how our solutions will help drive efficiency and productivity in all areas of your organisation.

With an onsite or remote service tailored specifically for you, we'll work together with you so that everyone in the office feels connected and productive wherever they are. And if it turns out that there's something else we can do for you - like providing a mobile workforce solution - then we'll be happy to talk about that too!

How we can empower your team

In a 1-2-1 session, digital experts from The One Point and O2 will talk you through the range of flexible O2 tariffs, apps, and tools that can be specially tailored to suit your business:

  • Add flexible business tools and apps from Microsoft 365 to MaaS360 at any time with 30-day rolling contracts.
  • Stay in control of costs by paying monthly for what you need and adding users when you need to.
  • Solve tech issues quickly with a dedicated 24/7 IT support advisor who knows your business.
  • Take advantage of your new tech and tools with 1-2-1 training from The One Point and O2 experts on the features that boost productivity.

As your business changes, The One Point adapts with you. That’s why we believe in O2’s tariffs and their digital tools that flex with your needs. Work with us to switch to O2 today and we’ll help your business thrive with flexible solutions.

Contact us today on 01482 420150.

The One Point is named O2 partner of the year 2021, learn more.

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