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Juice donated to radiotherapy patients by The One Point Foundation

Posted on Sep 25, 2018.

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The One Point Foundation donated a supply of juices to the Radiotherapy patients undergoing treatment at Castle Hill Hospital.

The juice was intended to supplement the fluid intake options offered by the NHS for patients that need to maintain during treatment. 

Following the donation, The One Point Foundation received a letter of thanks on behalf of Radiotherapy Staff and Patients.

Thank you from NHS Castle Hill Hospital - The One Point Foundation

This donation was made as part of the following ongoing appeal by Castle Hill Hospital:

Staff at Castle Hill Hospital are appealing for help in the treatment of patients with cancer.

Adults undergoing radiotherapy treatment for prostate, bowel and certain types of gynaecological cancers asked to drink before treatment to fill the bladder and enable it to lift away from the target area.

Just under a litre of fluid is required for this to happen, but some patients have difficulty drinking this much plain water ahead of treatment.

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