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Martin Lauer completes 'LeJog' in support of The One Point Foundation

Posted on Sep 14, 2021.

Huge congratulations to The One Point Founder & CEO, Martin Lauer, who has recently completed 'LeJog' in support of The One Point Foundation!

At the end of 2020, a group of 24 runners made up of team members from The One Point, IT@Spectrum, N3i and customers, took on the 'LeJog' challenge - a virtual Lands End to John O'Groats run.

This is a total of 874 miles each, with the aim to be completed over a period of 12 months from the 23rd November 2020; a combined total of 20,976 miles / 33,361.6 kms! That's further than the distance to run around the world!

They took on this challenge to raise money in support of The One Point Foundation, a local charity supporting mental health and children's causes.

"The One Point Foundation continue to raise vital funds for local and national charities through organised events, fundraisers, payroll raffles and more. Our foundation committee includes a diverse representation from our teams that make the decisions about how and where our efforts are gifted. Each year we publish a set of 'Social Impact' accounts celebrating our efforts and the causes we hold close to our hearts."

Martin recently completed the 'LeJog', which is an average of 3.7 marathons distance a month! He completed this 3 months before the deadline!


Well done Martin, from everyone at TOP!

You can still support Martin and the rest of the runners by donating here.


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