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Once again our 100 shoebox donation continues

Posted on Dec 13, 2021.

The One Point team continues, for the 9th year, with our tradition to send 100 Operation Christmas Child Appeal shoeboxes to disadvantaged boys and girls around the world.

Help from all departments

busy packing boxes

Sales eam lend a hand

This year we packed 100 shoeboxes for children aged 4 - 10 with 50 of the boxes to be delivered to boys and 50 of the boxes to be delivered to girls.

Each box is filled with essential hygiene items, stationery and school items, toys, games, and toys. 

Check what went into the boxes here;

Hellp from helpdesk

our digital team packers

The boxes are then packed up and collected by the charity Samaritans Purse, who will then distribute the shoeboxes to numerous global locations reaching children who would not otherwise receive a gift this Christmas.

This year we were able to make use of our event space as a base to organise our traditional Christmas activity.  An invitation to all staff was sent out to help out with one of the many tasks involved, including assembling boxes, collecting items, packing, labelling and preparing them for distribution.

boxes complete and ready to distribute

Operation Christmas Child is the appeal these boxes are donated to. The annual appeal is organised by The Samaritans Purse, who take on the mammoth effort to distribute all packages for Christmas time for children who would not otherwise get a gift this year.

For the children receiving these shoeboxes, the gifts are treasured luxuries of items usually out of their reach.

carrying boxes to collection point

The boxes arrive at collection point

On the day, staff from all departments volunteered to take part and help spread Christmas cheer this year. Several of our staff even donated items they had collected themselves throughout the year. 

For many of our team, Our Shoebox Packing Day is an important tradition that marks the start of the festive season of goodwill.  

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