Visit The One Point at Waterline Summit 2020.

19th Oct 2020

Starting today and continuing for the rest of this week, The One Point can be found exhibiting at the Waterline summit 2020 virtual conference.

The Waterline summit 2020 organised by Bondholders, Marketing the Humber is a showcase of influential projects by those working towards a cleaner future for the region.

There are all kinds of exciting and informative games, webinars, debates and resources for visitors to interact with throughout the week to help visitors understand the work in progress and work that still needs to be done to achieve a sustainable future in the area.

Attendees may try their hand at city planning in the green city building Mytopia game, they can sign a pledge they will help tackle the 5 main challenges of climate change and they may view submissions in the virtual gallery of the Earth2050 competition - with the winner announced later today.


Find The One Point in the Exhibit Hall where we are sharing our carbon journey - discussing what steps we have taken to limit our environmental impact, as well as showcasing our green WEEE related services and the environmental efforts we have observed from our partners such as Microsoft and O2.

The One Point will be around all week with a member of our team manning our dedicated chat room so please do take some time to stop by, ask some questions or just say hello.

Learn more about WaterLine Summit 2020 and register your attendance.

We look forward to seeing you there.

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